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Giới thiệu

Prevention of gender-based violence is one of the goals of the millennium. In his speech, The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declared "Violence against women is never acceptable, never tolerated, forgiven" because it is causing great losses in terms of both economic and social, in the family, community and ry. The United Nations Secretary-General also said that gender inequalities are hindering nations and peoples of the world achieving the millennium development goal - to build a better world in the 21st century.

In Vietnam, in the past few years, governments and civil society organizations across the ry and worldwide have had active policies and activities to promote gender equality, protection of rights of women and prevention of gender-based violence in Viet Nam. Media, journalism, social activists are also positive factors are involved in this field.

With the ambition of contributing to the fight against gender-based violence, social activists, journalists and other organizations, CSAGA has established a Center for Information and Documentation on Gender-Based Violence to update and share information and information on gender-based violence in Viet Nam and internationally.

CSAGA hopes this will be an effective communication channel, providing and sharing new information on the prevention of gender-based violence among individuals, organizations and colleagues.

CSAGA earnestly call the cooperation of organizations and individuals in the provision and sharing of information, research and operational model in the field of gender violence that you know and are.