The 1st donation for the GBV victim support office

06/11/2018 03:28:32 0
CSAGA’s Support Office for Victims of Gender-based Violence was established in May, 2012. On annual average, the office supports about 1,000 cases of violence through several services

- Psychological support through direct counseling or via free counseling hotline on gender-based violence: 024.33333.55.99 (8h-21h from Monday to Saturday)

- Connections with safe addresses, relevant supporting services: Shelters, lawyers, media, local authorities in providing victim with assistance and problem solving support.

- Providing partial support for living expenses with emergencies and serious emergencies.

With these activities, CSAGA strives to mobilize resources to effectively support the victims. Without a network of lawyers and journalists who have always volunteered joining force with us, we hardly can complete our desire to support the victims. With unstable resources, we are always looking forward to soliciting the attention and companion of those concerned about this issue.

In October2018, we received the first donation to the victim support office from Artist Liem Tong. Artist Liem Tong, from Switzerland, came to Vietnam to participate in the practice of art at Heritage Space. Being born in Vietnam but growing up in Switzerland, he always wishes to contribute to the elimination of gender inequality in Vietnam. Therefore, he donated 7 million VND to the victim support office. We would like to send our sincerely thank to Mr. Liem Tong for his generosity and his desire to contribute to a more equal Vietnamese society. We are also grateful to have Heritage Space for connecting Mr. Liem Tong in particular and other artists with CSAGA's work.

We would also like to appeal to individuals and organizations who wish to support victims of gender-based violence, please join hands with us at:

Center for Studies and Applied Sciences in Gender – Family – Women and Adolescents (CSAGA)

Address: No 35, Alley 66, Dich Vong Hau ward, Cau Giay district, Hanoi

Phone: 024 3754 0421


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