Talkshow "Image of women" in commercial advertising "Limit and moral"

06/06/2018 04:06:30 0

A few days back, the image of the U23 Vietnam players were welcomed by the performance of the bikini girls on the specialists have surprised the public. But is this the only case of using the image of women in advertising / PR? How to use the image of women in ads still ensure the appeal, attracting consumers without discrimination? What legal framework ensures gender sensitivity in advertising products? Wishing to create a discussion forum and find solutions on this topic, CSAGA held a seminar "Image of women in commercial advertising - Limit and moral" with the participation of speakers. in different fields.

CSAGA invites you and your attendees.
The talk will also be broadcast live on Youtube: CSAGA Vietnam and website:
Time: 14:30, February 1, 2018

Venue: Hanoi Club Hotel, 76, Yen Phu Street, Hanoi

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Ms. Phương Lê
ĐT: 0986998637


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