"Happy flight" Contest

14/12/2017 04:03:05 226
"Happy flight" has landed safely with lots of fun and memorable experiences

19h on December 8, 1977, the "Happy Flight" contest took place at Student Cultural House - Student Association of Hanoi, 37 Tran Binh Trong. Contest for students of 5 universities in Hanoi, jointly organized by Center CSAGA (Center for Study and Applied Science in Gender - Family - Women and Adolescents) and Hanoi Student Association. With sponsorship of the United Nations Population Fund in Viet Nam (UNFPA), Koica, the Royal Netherlands Embassy, ​​and Irish Aid. Ms. Astrid Bant, UNFPA Representative in Viet Nam and Ms. Ping Kitnikone, Ambassador of Canada Embassy in Vietnam, delivered the opening remarks. Attending the Contest is the presence of the School Boards, representatives of the Youth Union, the Students' Union, leaders of youth clubs, groups and youth teams throughout the city.

"Happy Flight" was a playground for students, young people in 5 universities, Union University, Water Resources University, University of Transport, University of Civil Engineering, and Academy of Public Administration have the opportunity to meet. , sharing experiences and learning from each other, demonstrating understanding and offering solutions to prevent sexual violence against women and girls. The contest is one of the activities to respond to Action Month for Gender Equality and Gender-based Violence Prevention in 2017.

Respecting young people, students, young people with enthusiasm and creativity, can change gender stereotypes and is an important factor in ending violence against women. CSAGA has been doing a lot Cooperative program with youth and students. The participation of young people in the "Flight of Happiness" in particular and the month of action in general contributed to make a strong change and spread the fire to the youth and the community.

Each flight brings people to new lands where they will experience, meet and break their own limits. The "happy flight" of December 8th is such a special thing. Each and every one of the passengers on the flight will be happy, ready to be a warrior in the fight against violence against women and girls and work together to build a future full of love.