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Call for the development of humanitarian, creative and effective communication initiatives that convey positive messages that guarantee sexual rights for women and girls.



Organizational Board:

Center for Studies and Applied Sciences in Gender - Family - Women and Adolescents (CSAGA)


Embassy of the Netherlands in Vietnam

Respectfully send to individuals / groups / organizations information about the contest for ideas and implementation of the communication initiative with the following contents:

1. Purpose:

- Call for the development of humanitarian, creative and effective communication initiatives that convey positive messages that guarantee sexual rights for women and girls.

2. Participants:

- Being a Vietnamese citizen, aged 15-55 years old, studying, working and living in the territory of Vietnam (Employees of contest organizers, BTC members, BGK are not allowed to participate. competition)

- Participants: Individuals / groups / organizations

3. Contents, requirements and dossiers

3.1. Application form

- The application form is presented in soft file format (* .doc); and printed on A4 size paper, Times New Roman font, size 14pt.

Media Initiative Content:

- Initiative to solve the problem: Ensuring sexual rights for women and girls. Aspects can be said to: Identify behavior, call the community together, call for entry, strictly deal with the stakeholders, ...

- Initiatives must be creative, receptive and practical in nature.

- Possible forms of communication: clips, short films, seminars, exhibitions, etc.


- Initiatives not to violate the provisions of law, not contrary to Vietnamese custom and not related to political and religious issues.

- Initiatives and products are products that have not been involved in any event and have not been published in any media previously.

- No limit on the number of proposals

- Proposing not to use trademark images, as well as commercially commercial content and images

- The contestants submit proposals to bear all legal responsibilities for the accuracy and truthfulness of copyrights as well as the registration information to the Organizing Committee. The organizers are not responsible for dealing with copyright disputes or related or arising issues with respect to the contested products.

- With the group / organization involved, there should be a leader / organization and responsible for the group / organization. The contest organizer is not responsible for any issues arising from the submission of the contest including the copyright of the group. If there is a dispute within the group regarding the work of the group, the organizers will remove the proposal for participation without notice to the members or the team.

- Organizer does not handle complaints about results and prizes after announcing the prize. Within 10 days of the award announcement, the organizer will cancel the prize and give the next (next of all canceled) prizes to the winner.

4. The jury

- The jury consists of members who are gender specialists, artists.

5. Criteria for evaluation:

- The jury will review all works submitted and will select creative and feasible ideas to support the implementation of media ideas.

Criteria for evaluation include:

- Be creative

- feasible

- Gender sensitive, cultural

- Mobilize youth participation

6. Time:

- Launch the contest and receive from: 11.9.2019 - 23h 27.10.2017

- Organizing the presentation of ideas / proposals to the second round: 02.11.2017

- Awarding of Innovations and Complete Technical Support, Initiatives: 03.11.2017 - 10.11.2017

- Deployment of initiatives: 15.11.2017 - 15.12.2017

7. Awards:

- After the proposed media ideas are selected, the BGK will support a budget of 10,000,000 VND to 30,000,000 VND for individuals / groups / organizations to complete and implement the idea.

8. Copyright

- The author agrees to give the organizer of the competition the right to receive the winning product (including ideas and finished products) for communication activities for the benefit of the community.

9. Submissions sent to:

- Hard copy to address: Research Center for Applied Sexuality - Family - Women and Adolescents, 4th Floor, A9 Building, Cau Giay Road, Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi. Please specify:

- Entries: Proposed communication initiative on prevention of sexual violence against women and girls

Full name: Individual / Group / Organization

Contact address: Telephone, email

Or send soft copy to email address:

10. The process of evaluating proposals and supporting the implementation of media ideas

Stage 1: Receive and review valid ideas

Stage 2: The judges graded

Stage 3: Organize the presentation / proposal to the second round

Stage 4: Award for innovation and technical assistance to perfect initiatives

Stage 5: Initiative

11. Download the contest information here