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On the afternoon of December 20, 2017, the People's Court of Quang Ninh province opened the trial of accusing Vu Van Vien on child rape.

Defendant Vien (born in 1955) - former head of the 4B Ward, Cao Xanh Ward, was accused with four times raping the girl name T. H. born in 2003 - a neighbor of Vien. His behavior of raping the child occurred several times, and after each conduct of such behavior, Mr. Vien gave him 50, 100 thousand VND and told her not to tell anyone. The incident was discovered by the baby's teacher. This is one of the cases supported by CSAGA. Below is a summary of the progress of the trial courtesy of CSAGA staff.

The trial began at 14h22, many of the teachers, friends and family members of H. were summoned.

Representatives of the People's Procuracy read the indictment stating that Vu Xuan Vien was guilty of child rape under Article 112 of the Penal Code. The prosecution also pointed out that Vien's wife and children knew well what he did, so he brought 30 million to the victim's home for compensation. According to the indictment of the Procuratorate, the sentence for Mr. Vien can be from 12 to 20 years in prison.

However, when the court questioned, the defendant still refused to carry out the acts that the procurator has stated in the indictment, saying that the prosecution of the Procuracy is not true. Even the defendant said that the 100,000 VND that he gave to the girl was because she borrowed the defendant's money when the defendant had money collected from residential in the area. So he could lended hẻ money without thinking about talking to her parents. The defendant refused to acknowledge his abuse, saying that he only touched his head H., and knew the stop.

The court also asked the child, she was so scared and lost her temper. She she must sit down for a while. After that, bravely she has told four times violated by Mr. Vien and every time Mr. Vien also give her money from 20 to 100 thounsand VND.

The principal of H., who discovered the incident and reported it to the authorities was also the witness at the court.

After the witnesses testified in fornt of the court, the court asked the defendant what he was feeling when hearing witnesses testified at court. However, the defendant still stubbornly refused to acknowledge his behavior. At the same time, the defendant's daughter made a crooked statement, which not consistent with previous statements in court. At the court, she claimed that her father only hugged her like granddaughter in the house. But before that, at the investigation agency, she again told her father was drunk and had sex with the girl once with the consent of her.

The court analyzed to the defendant about humanity and repentance, allowing the defendant to say, "My daughter does not know anything, I told the police and the prosecution if there is anything to ask, ask me." The court also analyzed that the defendant should reconsider his behavior. This year, the defendant was 62 years old, if the he wanted to see freedom, see the sky, if he want to repent there is still time. But the defendant still stubbornly claimed that he was not guilty. Even when the victim's mother said that the family was not serious about compensating for the crime but expecting a fair trial court. The defendant raised his face and challenged that "so compensate by 20 years".

The Defendant at court

When the Judge asked, "The defendant said there was no such abusive story, so I asked the defendant whether a 12-year-old child was fabricated." The defendant denied that he was not guilty even if he was ahrged with 20 years in jail. When the Procuracy analyzed the criminal evidence , the defendant used his abusive words to express his disgruntled attitude in the trial, leaving to his seat without approval and the defendant's family caused a riot in the session at court.

Attorney Ngo Van Tuan, the lawyer of victim H., suggested the court trial seriously, charge the right person with right crime despite the defendant does not show the attitude of recovery.
After reviewing the case file as well as testimony at the trial, the court sentenced defendant Vu Van Vien to 13 years in prison and compensated 40 million for the girl and her family.