ABOUT CSAGAGeneral information

General information

CSAGA is a non-governmental organization dedicated to promote the realization of women and girls' rights. Children are affected by stigma and violence in Vietnam.

We understand that gender inequality is the root cause of violence against women and girls.

We work hard to bring better opportunities for women and girls.

We work with different partners to promote the rights of women and children affected by stigma and violence.

CSAGA uses innovative, diverse forms of interventions including

Supporting victims

Being the first organization in Vietnam to provide supporting services to women and girls suffering from gender-based violence through psychological counseling lines. Hotline consultant: 024 3333 55 99

Communication for social change

Community media campaigns / social movements

Policy advocacy

Advocacy to promote law enforcement and policies relating to the rights of women and girls. Ang change which are not appropriate in protecting the rights of women and girls.

Network connecting

Connect and inspire individuals and other non-governmental organizations in the prevention of gender-based violence against women and girls.