Core capacities
  • Communication and advocacy
  • Connecting and mobilizing resources
  • Providing psychological support 
Over the last 15 years, CSAGA has implemented more than 60 projects to improve community’s awareness about gender equality, gender-based violence prevention, women’s rights and children’s rights.
Since 2008 CSAGA has provided direct support to:
  • 1,524 survivors of domestic violence

  • 84 victims of human trafficking

  • 443 lesbians

  • 853 perpetrators

CSAGA runs five counselling hotlines - over the past three years there have been
  •         13,280 calls to the domestic violence hotline 
  •         34, 231 calls to the human trafficking hotline
  •         10,299 calls to the line for men and perpetrators 
  •         12,561 calls to the line for lesbians


1. Strength in communication

  • Utilizing the creative tools and strategies to communicate about gender-based violence prevention – Entertainment-Education (EE)
  • Working on different groups in society – people in community, influential people, governmental officers, vulnerable groups, groups of perpetrators, boys and men…
  • Partnership with mass media, variety of media channels in Vietnam
  • 2 TV series: “The Ideal and The Real” (Golden Kite Awards), “Breaking the Silence”
  • 20 documentary films:
  • 52 TV programs
  • 119 radio programs
  • 30 live programs on VOV Traffic
  • 9 art exhibitions
  • 2,200 audience enjoyed the show “Inviting Myself to Hope” at the Youth Theatre
  • 20 books published
  • 1,250 social workers, journalists, governmental officers received 11 magazines on gender-based violence
  • 458 journalists received 32 watch dog magazines on gender equality
  • 15,000 social workers, unions, authorities received materials on gender-based violence

2. Strength in networking

  • The ability to lead and connect to other organizations working on gender-based violence prevention
  • CSAGA is the founder and facilitator of DOVIPNET (Vietnam Domestic Violence Prevention Network) a GBVNet (Gender-based Violence Prevention and Response Network in Vietnam) – involving 17 active member organizations
  • Has networked with a larger number of organizations working on gender-based violence prevention
  • Leading Board Member of global and Asian networks of women’s shelters for survivors of gender-based violence (;

3. Strength in advocacy

  • CSAGA is the leading NGO which contributes to the mobilization, implementation and monitoring of the law on Gender Equality and the law on Domestic Violence Prevention and Control
  • CSAGA is the bridge to transfer the voice of survivors to law and policy makers in many national meetings and debates
  • CSAGA is the key organization – the point of contact – who mobilizes other organizations in the GBVNet to make policy briefs and recommendations to contribute and complete National Plans and Programs on Gender Equality and Gender-based Violence Prevention
  • CSAGA coordinates policy dialogue activities at different levels to help survivors of gender-based violence access justice

4. Strength in psychological support

-CSAGA run 5 counseling hotlines and thousands of people called to these hotlines during the last 3 years
  • Line on domestic violence has received 13,280 phone calls
  • Line on human trafficking has received 34, 231 phone calls
  • Line for men and perpetrators has received 10,299 phone calls
  • Line on the lesbian issue has received 12,561 phone calls


  • 600 direct counseling cases on VOV
  • 6,212 calls to the automatic mail box
  • The chat online program to prevent school bullying is from 10.30 to 13.30, Mondays to Saturdays


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